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So much happening!

Maggi and Queenstown shootsHi All,

So much has been happening in the last month, and I am very grateful to say the jobs are coming in thick and fast!

Here’s what I have been up to in the last wee while.

Keep an eye out on the telly for the super funny MAGGI ad with Jackie Brown and spot the plated dinners and yummy gravy! I spent two days working outside in a little pop-up tent doing the food styling for the ad, it was an absolute pleasure to watch Jackie in action she is one funny lady and so sweet. I know you won’t have guessed that it took 26 chicken breasts, 6 kilos of peas, 16 cobs of corn,  12 bunches of baby carrots and a fair few batches of mashed Agria potatoes to get it done!

I have just finished creating some new summer inspired recipes for Best Foods Mayonnaise and a short-but-sweet little video for glazing your Christmas ham – yes with a golden lemon, mustard and spice mayo glaze – yum!

Check out the hot drinks on the menu at Wild bean cafes :).

A great shoot working with Mel on all the gourmet goodies from Food Snob – I love their stunning green olives!

And I am loving the Pam’s new Fresh Express dinner ideas – check out the lovely packaging shots :).

Oh and did I say I have just got back from a shoot in Queenstown?! Working with an Australian company on a divine ice-cream product. The scenery and buildings were amazing! The team down there were such a delight to work with.  Check out the pics of my make-shift kitchen complete with 3 gas burners for melting down 20 kg of chocolate!!

Luckily I struck the weather right and had the most glorious sunny days … will let you know when the ad goes to air – it’s a show stopper x

Currently I am on my 4 day of a 7 day shoot with Bidvest – always a whirlwind of yummy products and fun styling. Will post a few pics so you can check out the action.

Last but not least I did manage to have a couple of relaxing days away with my family down in Rotorua and the house build is moving along with the roof and cladding completed – YAY!

That’s all for now – hope you are keeping warm and trucking on.


All the best