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Autumn Update

WOW time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Here’s what I have been up to ….

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The beginning of the year started fast and furious and it hasn’t stopped… I was lucky enough to be involved in the revamp of the classic New Zealand icon the Edmonds cookbook. It was a privilege to work with Alexa Johnston and take in some of her incredible baking knowledge. I also got to bake things I had never attempted before like fluffy, puffy holey crumpets that were amazing in taste and texture. Ginger Gems made in the old cast Iron pans, countless sky high sponges with lashings of jam and cream, classic old fashioned desserts and a few savoury treats as well. All tested and tried with great delight – just don’t ask about the flummery!

I have recently been working on a whole range of exciting Pam’s supermarket products, so look out for new stylish packs with gorgeous foodie photos on them.

Soon I can direct you to a fabulous new Egg site where I have created 20 new delicious recipes plus a kids section including a fantastic Dr Seuss Style “green eggs & ham”!

Bidvest is keeping me busy with more bulging product brochures, most recently a stunning seafood one featuring “Sid the squid, Pete the prawn and Sam the most handsome salmon ever (they are really big shoots and by the 5th day things are getting a little crazy and everything gets a name!). Usually the naughty food drops are referred to as ‘Him’ or ‘He’s being bad’ and the pretty sparkling highlights or glistening salmon skin is ‘Oh she’s beautiful!”.   At least it keeps it all fun!

Check out the lovely shots done by Mel Jenkins.

We have also just finished a Bidvest Allergy and Lifestyle booklet which was a real styling challenge for me. Everything was very graphic with straight lines and a crisp clean look to suit our interesting healthy and alternative super foods. A complete contrast to my normal drizzles of oil and sea salt sprinkles everywhere.

I am so proud to be known as Mrs Mayo. Best Foods have done it again with their new range of creamy flavoured Mayonnaise – lemon, chilli, mustard, and garlic — they make it so easy to boost flavours in all sorts of dishes. I have just finished creating a selection of tasty & interesting recipes with them. We shot them as beautiful stills but also to make up short video stories, a really interesting project …look out for my hands in action appearing on the website soon!

I always love it when I am roaming the supermarket aisles and see a product I have styled or recipe I have created — Hot chips / cold chips / bacon / soups / cheese / burgers and cereal jobs have all come past me in the last month and are soon be launched — see if you can pick them!

There are also a few amazing jobs that I unfortunately can’t talk about yet but I am sure you will see them in Print, on billboards, on TV and all round the world soon and then I can spill the beans!

Jo xx

PS The house is amazing!  I have included a little pic of my scullery / kitchen which I just adore. It has already seen many a camera / lighting rig and mass prop tables. There’s nothing like cooking in your own kitchen with the herb garden just outside the door.

Things I am cooking at the moment … upside down puddings, spiked pumpkin soup, finger-licken chicken drums and warm cheesy dips.

Happy Autumn Eating everyone!

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