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Best Foods, Nadia and Taste!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I dropped off the radar for a little bit, but that’s not to say my foodie world has been any less busy!

I had a fantastic time on the Best Foods road trip! We travelled around the North Island giving away super yummy little sliders featuring recipes I created for the Best Burgers campaign. And the response was brilliant, the sliders were very warmly received and it was such a pleasure hearing everyone’s recipe ideas and best ways they enjoy NZs most loved Mayo.

We also shared a laugh or too at the Best Little Comedy Show on earth held at Sky city. I created a super yummy “rare roast beef crostini with horseradish Mayonnaise and pink pickled onions” it was a delight handing them around and hearing the comments.  It never ceases to amaze me how people’s eyes light up when they talk about Best Foods, it really does tick all the boxes of being the family’s favourite, bringing back child hood memories and stirring up there creative juices. Happiness all around.

I am loving my gorgeous photoshoots I get to do for Nadia magazine, usually one big multi page shoot featuring an in-season ingredient like the July issue out now with luscious lemons (I am super pleased with the lemon meringue pie shot, it almost makes you want to lick the page!

I also get to have fun with a Nadia kid’s project; they say never work with kids or animals …so we throw food in there too and let them go wild!  And then there’s the cooking workshop where I show you how it’s done, and three ways with a favourite supermarket ingredient which aims to stretch your food imagination. The magazine is such an inspiration, including all the fabulous people I get to work with on it.

But my latest exciting news is that I have joined the Taste magazine team, creating my own delicious recipes and styling them up just how I’d love them.  Check out my cover shot, stunning rustic dinner and sweet treats coming in the next issue.  It’s a fresh approach and I love it already!

You would think doing food catalogues would be less than exciting but that’s so not true of the latest Bidfood Indulgent brochure filtering out all over the country. I love the fast paced nature of the shoots,  where I am given a product and have about 20 minutes to create something that will show case the ingredient  to its upmost potential – kind of like Master Chef magic box gone crazy !!

So between family, friends and catering here and there things are still pretty busy. Hope you are all looking forward the spring season with lots of fresh new produce and warmer days for outdoor entertaining and adventures!

All the Best,