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Halloween… with a sophisticated twist.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is often treated as a fun kid’s event: A time for them to get to dressed up for and have party’s. In fact last night was my daughters’ school Halloween event which I spent busy cooking up hot dogs and sausages for the kids. I’ve posted a couple photos on Instagram (

For this year’s Halloween feature in New Zealand Women’s Weekly I decided to use Halloween as inspiration for a more adult focussed event. I’ve just posted the photos in my portfolio – New Zealand Women’s Weekly section. (To view them larger click here.)

I was really happy with the result. The whole vibe was moody and mellow. I loved the hunky piece of Flintstone style meat! There were some fun elements in the food like using squiggly purple carrots, and putting popping candy on the pumpkin pie. It definitely ended up as one of my recent favourites in the way of shoots, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Halloween 2014