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Variety – the spice of life

Hi Everyone – yes, I know – long-time no action! … Well maybe not a blog but lots of cooking and styling action.

The last half of this year has been a whirl wind with some lovely and exciting projects, I am so delighted to be working on Nadia Magazine, its beautiful, inspiring and has a wonderful feel good and do good factor. The recipes are easy but thoughtful with a nudge to a healthy lifestyle. I so enjoy working with the team to help create this new and inspirational magazine.

I am also proudly a key contributor to the new look Food Magazine, this is a wonderful down to earth foodies dream. It’s all about quick, easy and yum recipes… the perfect family food, and it’s so nice to get all the feedback and know people are actually cooking my recipes.

I have had a great variety of interesting advertising jobs too. You may have seen Murry with his Tegel Chicken Curry on TV and on Ad Shell bus stops, this was my first animated food advert, so interesting to create with a revolving photographic dome. I have also had fun coming up with some divine Free range Rangitikei chicken recipes.

Hope you are buying up loads of the new Farrah Mexican Style Wraps and spice mixes – such gorgeous foodie shots I got to create.  Check out their website for more of my tasty recipes shots.

The kids have been thrilled I am doing Pizza Hut advertising too – I am quite the whizz at whipping up a pizza after making around 40 a day for my shoots. They weren’t too disappointed with the potato chip packet shoots either.  (I promise I feed them broccoli in between!)

My Pam’s supermarket packaging work continues and we have such fun with all the new products soon to be on the shelf – everything from cereal to cheese to chocolate the list goes on….

Many of you may not know Bidvest, now known as Bidfood they are a massive nationwide food distribution company and I am lucky enough to work alongside photographer Melanie Jenkins to create some very foodie and informative catalogues, often these are week long shoots and we get through several truck loads worth of food and product, but don’t worry the excess all goes to the city mission and is gratefully received.

As I am affectionately called (I think) Mrs Mayo … I have again continued my work as Bestfoods NZ ambassador, and love creating interesting new ways and reinventing some classic mayonnaise recipes. I even got to do a stint on The Café TV show making chocolate chilli mayo cupcakes and my favourite citrus crust baked salmon. Check out the website for recipes, videos and Gifs showcasing this most delicious, much loved mayo.

And I can’t say too much but I have had a lovely on-going shoot for a baby food company, such creative shots on a miniature scale which have been a pleasure to style.

So another fun year ends and I can truly say “variety is the Spice of life”!

Eat well, be safe and enjoy some Me-time over the holidays.

All the Best