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Would you like fries with that??

fries blogFries and burgers seem to be the order of day (or shoot) the last few weeks for me … first a mammoth burger shoot for Burger Wisconsin. I had forgotten how generously stacked these burgers are, and what a pleasure it was to present real life looking burgers – and of course they were shot with a classic order of fries and a chilled drink on the side. Look out for the juicy shots up on the order board in the few weeks.

Next was a cool top secret TV commercial for Wendy’s, of course I can’t say much, other than they looked epic and totally Kiwi! And a Wendy’s burger is not a combo without a good helping of golden fries! I love the detail and use of prime ingredients in these burgers and I know a few of you (no names mentioned) get upset about the photos not being like the real thing but it really just comes down to the time I have compared to the time the they have in store …we’re both using the same amount of goodies and the same quality ingredients.

Moving onto a round of supermarket packaging with no less than 6 different cuts of fries: crinkle, straight, steak, wedges etc. They will be a show stoppers in the frozen department: the shots were super modern and very delicious. You’ll find them at New World soon.

Last but not least I put the food together for our middle team school sleepover in the hall. Guess what was on the menu? Beautiful burgers and fabulous fries!! It seems this combo never goes out of style – although I am not sure me smelling like a burger bar every day is that stylish!

Order up!

Jo x